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Phone: (07) 46130222, Fax: (07) 46130699

Jianshe Spare Parts

Jianshe Genuine Parts
  Jianshe NSW
Jianshe Australia Spare Parts Provided by Jianshe NSW
  Jianshe Australia prides itself on stocking an extensive range of spare parts for all models it imports, viewable from the online parts catalogue.  
  For further information, contact a Jianshe NSW Spare Parts representative via the online spare parts contact form, or if you would prefer to contact a Jianshe NSW representative by phone or fax, use the details below:
  Phone 07 4613 0222  
  Fax 07 4613 0699  


Spare Parts, Contact & Warranty Information
  Parts Catalogue An online parts catalogue is available, listing all the parts currently provided by Jianshe NSW.  
  Parts Contact Form An online spare parts contact form is available for any questions you may have regarding Jianshe Genuine Parts.  
  Warranty forms Various warranty forms are available for downloading and printing.  
  Spare Parts Order forms Spare parts order forms are available for downloading and printing.  


Jianshe Genuine Parts Catalogue Notice

Jianshe Australia regrets that not all types and models are yet in our online parts catalogue. Jianshe Australia is working to get parts for all its models online as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience. Contact a Jianshe NSW representative for more information.



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