Jianshe Australia - Australian Importers of Jianshe Motorcycles, Quad Bikes, Four Wheelers

PO Box 136 Kingsthorpe, QLD 4400
Phone: (07) 46130222, Fax: (07) 46130699

Jianshe Industries

One of China’s leading motorcycle manufacturers
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  Founded in 1889 as an imperial arms factory, Jianshe Industries began cooperating with Yamaha Motors in 1982, producing their first motorcycle, the CY80, two years later.  
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  The Jianshe Motorcycles sales group was established in 1990 and by 1994, over one million CY80 model motorbikes had sold.  
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  In 1998, Jianshe Industries achieved ISO9001 International Quality Assurance for the production of their motorcycles and ATVs, and by 1999, over eight million Jianshe motorbikes had been sold, increasing to nine million by 2001.  
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