Jianshe Australia - Australian Importers of Jianshe Motorcycles, Quad Bikes, Four Wheelers

PO Box 136 Kingsthorpe, QLD 4400
Phone: (07) 46130222, Fax: (07) 46130699

Jianshe Australia

Australian Importers of Motorbikes and Quad Bikes
  Jianshe Australia is an Australian-based importer of quality On-road, Off-road Motorbikes and Quad Bikes.  
  Jianshe, one of China’s leading motorcycle manufacturers, create excellent bikes at an affordable price not previously seen in Australia.  

New Spare Parts Manager


Our new
Spare Parts Manager: Dianne
will look after your spare parts requirements

Aussie Dirtbike Spares
PO Box 136
Kingsthorpe, QLD 4400
Telephone: (07) 46130222 
National Spare Parts Facsimile: (07) 46130699
Orders only accepted by Fax or Email

  Jianshe Australia takes all the trouble and risk out of buying an inexpensive on-road or off-road motorbike or quad bike, with models ranging from small children’s motorbikes—the ideal gift for that child who has always wanted a motorbike—up to farm-duty quad bikes.  
  For further information regarding any of our products, their pricing, spare parts, service, or sales, visit your nearest distributor, view the online parts catalogue, or contact us.  


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The Revolution is Here!

Motorcycles for the people—prices anyone can afford.
There’s never been a better time to purchase a Jianshe bike.



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